GG#4 Hybrid Cartridge (1G)

GG#4 Hybrid Cartridge (1G)


“Aka Liquid Gold” 

Strain: Gorilla Glue #4

Equipped with a Ccell Ceramic heating element


-Cerebral, but not debilitating.

-Made using a closed loop, Co2 Extraction process

-Refined to it’s purest form

-Clean, aromatic Vapor

-Burns Clean until it’s empty

  • more info on Ccell technology: Many other vapes use cotton fibre to heat concentrates, which can effect taste and quality of smoke. Ceramic allows for a much cleaner Vapor, and saves users from burning anything other than their concentrates.

  • CCELL is a technology built on an evolutionary heating element, which replaces traditional cotton fiber, with porous ceramic, in order to keep a smoother oil supply to coil. CCELL developed the unique technology which tolerates various concentrations of oil, and have been able to get rid of the burnt taste which is found with many other products that can be found on the market.

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